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Hi, my name is Daria Ilishkina. I am a researcher and learning experience designer. More about me:

You have found yourself in my library of observations of two worlds: the academic world of educational research and the practical world of creating educational programs. I travel through these worlds searching for exciting tools and research and share my findings with those interested. I dilute the texts with my reflections, checklists and frameworks that might help make sense of the content.

Daria Ilishkina
Researcher, Learning experience designer, Co-author of CRAFT/ed methodology, Expert in the four-component instructional design model
If you are interested in something, you can contact me for advice, a lecture or a workshop.
Creating an educational program is an experiment. No one knows exactly how a human learns and who a human is. Educational designer creates a piece of reality, a space, assuming it will help a person learn. This resource will help you make more meaningful experiments on designing educational spaces.
I divide all my findings
into three categories:
In each category, I publish the corresponding texts. Choose where you want to start:
I wish you an inspiring journey!
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