The educational programs design library
Hi, my name is Daria Ilishkina. I am a researcher and educational consultant.
Researcher of motivation to learn at the University of Maastricht (Ph.D. candidate)
Expert in the four-component instructional design model
Educational program design consultant and teacher!
Co-curator of the "Professionals for modern education" program at the School of Education Universal University and of the "Kaskad" program.
Co-author of CRAFT/ed methodology
You have found yourself in my library of observations of two worlds:
I travel through these worlds searching for exciting tools and research and share my findings with those interested.
I dilute the texts with my reflections, checklists and frameworks that might help make
sense of the content.
the practical world of creating educational programs
the academic world of educational research
You can read more about my projects, consulting, and teaching experience here:
Creating an educational program is an experiment. No one knows exactly how a human learns and who a human is. Educational designer creates a piece of reality, a space, assuming it will help a person learn.
This resource will help you make more meaningful experiments on designing educational spaces.
My site is free, but I will be grateful for your support:
For books and time
As an educational consultant, I focus on following issues:
Problems with the current program
I help to analyze the student's path, the program's role model and methodology (from constructive alignment to activities that support students' motivation). If the program is not described, then we will do it together, and then I will help identify weaknesses and recommend ways to improve.
& idea generation

With IKRA global, I help people and teams create new ideas for education. Innovation is necessary when you want to invent a unique approach that will distinguish you from your competitors. Innovations also help when you face problems that known methods cannot solve.
Options for designing
a new program
I share my experience and help to navigate the approaches of program design. Together we can create a plan for program development.
Methodological issues
I help the designers of educational programs to understand the four-component model of program design and student motivation, as well as other more specific queries (for example, how to select and create methods for different educational outcomes).
I wish you an inspiring journey!
In each category, I publish the corresponding texts. Choose where you want to start:
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